HIS 10 – Modern World History (Summer 2012)

Bronx Community College, College Now
HIS 10 – Summer 2012

Modern World History
Professor Roy R. Rogers



Prompts & Study Guides:


Assigned Readings:

Prologue & Precursors

  • Excerpts from Bartolome de las Casas, History of the Indies (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Confucious, The Analects (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from the Hebrew Bible (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from the Christian Bible (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Asko, The Edicts (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from the Koran (distributed by instructor)
  • The English Bill of Rights (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 3-4)

The Eighteenth Century World: Empire, Slavery, & Commerce

  • Excerpts from John Locke, The Second Treatise on Government (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Thomas Hobbes, The Leviathan (distributed by instructor)

The Enlightenment: Inventing Human Rights?

  • Excerpts from Samuel Richardson, Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Voltaire, On Commerce & Toleration (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 9-10)
  • Excerpts from Cesare Beccaria, On Torture and the Death Penalty (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Immanuel Kant, What is Enlightenment? (distributed by instructor)

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? Human Rights in the Age of Democratic Revolution

  • Excerpts from Thomas Paine, Common Sense (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 19-21)
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 28-30)
  • The Declaration of Woman and Citizen (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 31-33)
  • Excerpts from Maximilien de Robsepierre, On Revolutionary Government (distributed by instructor)

Capitalism Cometh: Economic Transformation & Human Rights

  • Excerpts from Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Robert Owen, A New View of Society (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 62-64)
  • Excerpts from Karl Marx & Frederich Engels, The Communist Manifesto (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 65-71)
  • Excerpts from Karl Marx, “Speech on Free Trade” (distributed by instructor)

Abolishing Slavery: A Revolution in Human Rights?

  • Excerpts from Olaudah Equiano, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 34-35)
  • Excerpts from Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 93-95)
  • Excerpts from Frederick Douglas, The Equality of All Men (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 103-105)
  • Excerpts from Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from John C. Calhoun’s Congressional Speeches (distributed by instructor)

The Birth of Nationalism: The Potential and Pitfalls for Human Rights

  • Excerpts from Giuseppe Mazzini, Duties to Your Country (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 85-87)
  • Excerpts from Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 215-217)

The New Imperialism: Empires of Rights?

  • Excerpts from John Stuart Mill, Considerations on Representative Government (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Domesh C. Dutt, The Economic History of India Under British Rule(Finklestein, The Modern World p.121-123)
  • Rudyard Kipling, The White Man’s Burden (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 133-134)
  • Jenry du Pre Labouchere, The Brown Man’s Burden (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 135-136)

The Agonies of Industrialization at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

  • Excerpts from Fredrich Engels, The Anti-Duhring (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Karl Marx, On the Possibility of a Non-Violent Revolution (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Vladmir Lenin, What is to be Done? (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 233-234)
  • Excerpts from Vladmir Lenin, State and Revolution (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 234-236)
  • Excerpts from Vladmir Lenin, On the Empanipation of Women (distributed by instructor)
  • Excepts from Shibuzawa Ehchi on Japan’s Industrialization (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 113-114)

World War I: Fighting to Make the World Safe for Democracy?

  • Woodrow Wilson, The Fourteen Points (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 204-207)
  • The Covenant of the League of Nations (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from The Treaty of Versailles (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 208)
  • The Polish Minority Treaty (distributed by instructor)

The Horrors of the Interwar Years

  • Excerpts from Josef Stalin, Leninism (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 233-236)
  • Excerpts from Leon Trotsky, Their Morals and Ours (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Benito Mussolini, The Nature of Fascism (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 239-242)
  • Excerpts from The Nuremberg Laws (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 245-247)
  • Excerpts from Heinrich Himmler’s Address to the SS (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 262-263)
  • Excerpts from Jean-Francois Steiner, The Death Camp at Treblinka (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 264-267)
  • Excerpts from U Nu, Burma under the Japanese (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 268-269)
  • Excerpts from American Press Coverage of the Holocaust (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from United States Supreme Court Case, Korematsu v. United States (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 274-275)

Out of the Ashes: A Better World?

The Post-Colonial Experience & Human Rights in a Cold War World

  • Excerpts from Mahatma Gandhi, Equal Distribution Through Nonviolence (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Jawaharlal Nehru, Toward Freedom (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 317-320)
  • Excerpts from Sati’ al-Husri, Muslim Unity and Arab Unity (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Ho Chi Minh, The Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 333-335)
  • Excerpts from Kwanme Nkrumah’s Speech on Decolonization of at the United Nations (distributed by instructor)
  • Excerpts from Fidel Castro’s address to his judges (Finklestein, The Modern World p. 361-363)


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