Oral Exam

In Fall 2012 I took my oral examination at the CUNY Graduate Center history department and I was lucky enough to pass the examination with distinction. In the spirit of my guide to the department’s First Year Exam I thought I would compile as much helpful (?) information as possible about the exam to aid future GC students in the agonizing process of studying for this exam. In the Spring 2013 the history department voted to change the rules governing the oral examination (reducing the number of examiners from 5 to 4, for example) but I believe that the information here remains useful.

I have compiled some advice for the process of studying for the examination here.

For my examination, my major field was the history of the United States and my minor field field was Intellectual History.

My examiners were:

Major Field
Colonial & Revolutionary America: Jonathan Sassi (Chair) [reading list]
19th Century America: Andrew Robertson [reading list]
20th Century America: K.C. Johnson [reading list]

Minor Field
American Intellectual History to 1865: Martin Burke [reading list]
European Intellectual History of the Enlightenment & the Revolutionary Age –  Helena Rosenblatt [reading list]


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