my story’s infinite…

The purpose of this blog is to provide myself with space to post my thoughts about life as a graduate student, the study of history, and other related things.

I have been running and writing for Blurred Productions on and off – mostly off these days – since I was fourteen. I thought it would be important in this day and age to carve out a professional space for myself as I enter the “real” world. I needed an online space were I could write in my own voice – and under my own, real name – about things I care passionately about beyond pop-culture.

Hence my goal is to keep this space – Going Graduate – mostly free of the pop-culture missives and rantings that are Blurred Productions’ – and Smith Michaels’ – trademark. Blurred Productions is an outlet for that sort of writing, while place can be an outlet for my more “professional” interests. Though I can not promise that the line between pop-culture/professional will always be clear. I’ve written indepth about historical topics at Blurred Productions before and I am sure a comics rant will end up here at some point. The goal is to keep that point far in the future – for now.

So if this space isn’t for ranting about the latest offense of Brian Michael Bendis, then what is it for? Here I hope to keep an online “journal” of sorts about my experiences as I finish up by MA and – hopefully – move on to a PhD. I also want to use this space to reflect on my scholarly interests: the intersection of American politics and religion. I also want to take part of the broader discussion of history and the practice of history on these here internets. I also hope that blogging will help sharpen my writing – by forcing me to think harder and condense myself.

As you can see, pretension will be in no short supply.

I can not promise that I will update this often. But I will give it a try.


Author: Roy Rogers

I am currently a PhD candidate in American History at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY). My undergraduate education was at Shepherd University (Political Science & History) and I received an MA in History from George Mason University. As a historian, my research interests include early American history, the early American republic (1780 to 1830), political history, religious history, and gender history. I live in Brooklyn with my girlfriend and our cat.

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